Nuova Feder srl, established in 1974, is a Company which develops and produces small electric household appliances, mainly irons, ironing systems and related components, such as soleplates and boilers, active ironing boards, espresso coffee machines, toasters.

Nuova Feder takes care of all activities meant to the realization of the above mentioned items, making inside through skilled staff and modern instruments all phases of research, development and production, while our Customers take care of introducing the products on to the market under their own brand names.

The production of the articles that Nuova Feder develops and of most specific and delicate sub-assemblies is made inside and is vertically oriented.

Processes that are considered as strategical in terms of realization and related know-how can refer to the production of soleplates for irons and boiler development and construction: Nuova Feder makes use of automatic machines for such activities, such as the welding process for inox boilers.

Nuova Feder is ISO 9001 by TÜV certificated.